by Caren Nederlander Ph.D

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About Photographer

I'm a registered art therapist
& licensed Ph.d Psychologist, as well as a world traveler. Being a photo artist, I edited all the digital pictures on every slideshow and websites as if I were painting.
Other photographic websites can be purchased online:
"Most Romantic Rooms" - A coffee table travel book containing
                                            photographs of over 150 of the worlds best
                                            hotel Rooms with a View;
"Rockstars in Concert" - Photos of Rockstars in performing in the 70's
"Healthy Easy Cook book" - This book contains 160 gourmet recipes
                                               that are healthy & easy to prepare
"Easter Eggs" - A book of unique easter egg pictures
"Christmas Trees around the World" - A colorful photographic book
                                                              of artistic christmas displays
"Animals in South Africa" - A perfect book to share with children.

I have also created three more pictorial slideshows for laptops & home computers: "Screensaver Slideshow", "Popart Slideshow", "Garden Pics Slideshow".

Caren Nederlander talks about her photography and the Romantic Rooms book project with Jenny Mayer on Plum TV. Click to View the video.



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